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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne :: essays research papers

The timberland an extraordinary spot of abhorrence. The tale of the Scarlet Letter and Goodamn Brown bolth depict the woods as being insidious as per Puritan culture. As per the Puritans anything that had to do with extraordinary opportunity was malevolent. They were an exceptionally exacting individuals, and had numerous guidelines. The individuals belived that everuthing that gave them escaping their masters judgment was malevolent. They needed shrewdness to endure during their life , and to not submit sins. By this conviction it was felt that individuals may luck out and go to paradise. In the Scarlet Letter the woods is depicted as an exceptionally malicious spot. It is a plce where individuals could escape their judgment of the Puritans. For Hester it was where she could unwind, and remove the A. By the judgment of the Puritans Hester was never permitted to remove her A. In the woodland Hetser has the ability to communicate her actual inclination, and to make an incredible most. She does this without the Puritans of the town making a decision about her. The timberland lets her do anything she desires in it, and not be seen or rebuffed for it by the Puritans. To the Puritans a demonstration like that would be very sinnester, and would get extraordinary discipline. A genuine Puritan as indicated by their law ought to never endulge themselves. The backwoods concealed these parts of Hester from the Puritans, and took into account bunches of opportunity. Which made it insidiousness to the Puritan individuals. For Dimmesdale the backwoods was where he could escape from the Puritans. In the woodland he commited numerous things that would be think about exceptionally fiendish by the Puritans. The woods let him express his actual blanket anou the letter. Additionally it let him be the individual he was, and no the unadulterated evangelist. In the backwoods he met with the individuals who he ought to of never conversed with around. He met Hester and his youngster Pearl their.

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Voice vs. Data

In this exercise we discussed seven things to look at the contrast among voice and information correspondence. The primary thing are PDAs, phones are voice and information correspondences. PDAs are a cell phone utilized for voice and information correspondence over a system of base stations, destinations where radio wires and electronic correspondence gear together make a cell in a cell phone organize. Today cell phones are utilized for some different purposes than the standard voice work, which is it basic roles. Cell phones are utilized for content informing by methods for SMS, for sending and getting recordings and photos by methods for MMS and for email and internet providers utilizing GPRS. The second was Landline telephones, Landline telephones are voice correspondence. Landline phones serve an assortment of capacities, even in today’s to a great extent portable world. Openness of landline telephones for individuals with handicaps implies that the scope of administrations gave through landline telephones to everybody without incapacities is additionally available here and there that gives proportionate usefulness to individuals with inabilities. There are a few availability highlights which are either present in a phone, or can be included by connection; these included speakerphone usefulness, huge keys, streak on approaching calls, capacity to associate a Braille peruser. Landline telephones are additionally utilized for exceptionally constrained information assortment, information recovery and remote control through the digit transmission they give. The third thing are SMS/Text Messaging which is a voice and information correspondence. Content informing is portrayed as the trading of short instant messages. Instant messages can be sent by means of cell phones, fixed-line telephone, and versatile or fixed gadgets over a system. Content informing just alluded to short messages contains pictures, sound pictures, activity, and video. Fax machine which is voice correspondence is the fourth thing to talk about; fax rationale is to faxing what VOIP is to voice interchanges. Fax rationale offers ultra-solid Internet Fax interchanges utilizing customary fax machines, with high security, high accessibility and minimal effort. Fax rationale is perfect fax answer for VOIP and PSTN endorsers in any industry. Presently with our fifth Pagers which are voice correspondence too is a remote broadcast communications gadget that gets and shows numeric or instant messages, or gets and reports voice messages. Single direction pagers can just get messages, while reaction pagers and two way pagers can likewise recognize, answer to, and begin messages utilizing an interior transmitter. Pagers work as a major aspect of a paging framework which incorporates at least one fixed transmitters just as various pagers conveyed by portable clients. VOIP is our 6th thing. VOIP is a voice correspondence. VOIP is a technique and gathering of innovations for the conveyance of voice correspondences and sight and sound meetings over IP systems, for example, the Internet. VOIP frameworks utilize meeting control and flagging conventions to control the flagging, set-up, and tear-down of calls. They transport sound streams over IP systems utilizing uncommon media conveyance conventions to controls the flagging, set-up, and tear-down of calls. Skype/Face time is the seventh and last thing. This is a voice and information correspondence. Skype is a voice over Internet Protocol framework created by Skype advances. It is a distributed system wherein voice brings ignore the Internet as opposed to through a particular reason organize, Skype clients look for different clients to associate with, empowering them to scan for other Skype clients and send messages. Sources * * Voice versus Information PDAs †The original of mobile phones transmitted voice through a simple remote association. The present ages of telephones utilize both voice and information sent over advanced remote associations with transmit their signs. A wireless is utilized for full duplex two-way radio media communications (for both voice and information) over a cell of stations known as cell destinations. Landline Phones †Landline telephones utilize simple voice. They are associated with the Central office by a nearby circle that is 2 copper wires in a contorted pair. Landline telephones get their capacity from this neighborhood circle. Likewise call POTS these days or Plain Old Telephone Service. SMS/Text Messaging †SMS represents Short Message Service. The control channel (a pathway from your phone to the cell tower) gives the pathway to SMS messages. At the point when you send a SMS message, the message courses through the SMSC, at that point to the pinnacle, and the pinnacle sends the message to the telephone as a little parcel of information on the control station. Fax Machines †Fax Machines interface with another gadget on the opposite stopping point. They convert the pictures to information and transmit them over the simple phone lines. On the off chance that the spot of paper that the photograph cell was taking a gander at were white, the fax machine would send one tone; in the event that it were dark, it would send an alternate tone. Pagers †pagers chip away at radio waves like PDAs. At the point when somebody considers a pager and information sources a number it gets sent to the pager by means of an information bundle. A pager is fundamentally utilized in medical clinics, any office that is limited by crises and time limitations like fire stations, security administrations, beach front organizations, police and raft groups. VOIP Phones †VoIP telephones are additionally viewed as IP Phones. As in they are given an IP address from a given system and transmit the voice calls as information through the system. At the point when you make a VoIP call, you utilize your PC's worked in mouthpiece and speakers, a headset, an IP telephone or a telephone connected to a simple phone connector instead of a standard telephone. This hardware and your PC decipher the simple sign of your voice into an advanced sign. The advanced sign goes over the Internet. When it arrives at its goal, the phone or PC that answers the get back to makes an interpretation of it into simple sound. Skype/Facetime †Skype is a sort of VoIP administration that can transmit video just as spot brings over an information organize. Facetime is an assistance of Apple that it has on its iPhones. Facetime can send voice and video brings over Wi-Fi and now over 3G administration.

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The dignity of difference , how to avoid the clash of civilzations. by Essay

The respect of distinction , how to stay away from the conflict of civilzations. by jonathan sachs - Essay Example Sacks thinks about this issue, and he reviews Jonathan Swift’s perception that we have â€Å"just enough religion to make us abhor each other yet insufficient to make us love one another† (Sacks 4). Thusly, â€Å"the incredible beliefs should now turn into a functioning power for harmony and for the equity and empathy on which harmony at last depends† (Sacks 4). Globalization represents a great deal of difficulties, since we are progressively mindful of the nearness of different societies on the planet, and there is a peril of forcing a solitary lifestyle in a plural world, which would be an error. The ethical element of globalization can't be disregarded. In Sacks’ see, the good and otherworldly issues engaged with globalization â€Å"are among the most significant we should confront on the off chance that we are to upgrade human poise, improve the odds of harmony and dodge Samuel Huntington’s expectation of a conflict of civilizations† (Sacks 2). Sacks claims to exorcize what he calls â€Å"Plato’s ghost†, which is universalism, or the possibility of a well known fact. As indicated by Plato, in the realm of thoughts, distinction is settled into similarity. This idea embroils that there is one truth on the fundamentals of human condition, and one holder of reality, while the other people who think in an alternate way are mixed up. The endeavors to change over, fix and spare others from their blunder have lead to probably the best violations of history. These days, corporate globalism advances a consistency of practices all through the world, in regardless of contrasts. The arrangement of universalizing frameworks or systems in Western history, from Greek and Roman human advancements, has would in general delete the neighborhood customs, societies and dialects, and it has finished in globalization and the development of an all inclusive culture. Corporate globalism plays the job of these frameworks in the present-day world, and it depends available, the media, and worldwide

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Leons Holocaust - Free Essay Example

Leons father has been saving up for a long time for his family to move in with him. When he earned enough money from his well paying job, the family bought a super tiny apartment and moved in with their two parents, one sister, and 4 boy family. With an already scarce amount of food and water, the family had to do everything they could to find money, food, and even a job. The InvasionThen it happened, the Germans came and took over everything. Before, Leon made friends with other boys that werent even Jewish like him. But, after the Germans came, they abandoned Leon only because he was Jewish. The Jews that were about 10 years and older, had to wear a sleeve with the sign of David on it. But, Leon never wore that sleeve, and it could have cost his life. Now and then, I would sit on a park bench just to prove I could do what I wanted, resisting the Nazis in my own small way, Leon saidIt was a hard time for Leon and his family because they had to make the decision for Leons older brother to go back to their old village, with his girlfriend. Leon was devastated. His brother was his best friend, yet he would most likely never see him again. After a little while of the Germans take over, the Jews had to move out and move into an enclosed community and were forced to do hard labor. But, the only people that didnt have to go, were the special few on Schindlers list. Schindlers list basically includes a few lucky people that Schindler (a German man himself but who believes in Jews rights) choose to save from death because they were good enough to keep alive only to do work.So, because Leons father was a very skilled glass worker, their family got spared to be on Schindlers list. Leon thought he was safe, his parents thought they were safe. But, that wasnt the case. You can NEVER be safe when your being taken over by the Germans (and especially when they can do whatever they want to you). But, then the Germans barged in and took Leons older brother, for no reason at all. They took him away, and Leon knew that would be the last time he saw his best friend. His brother. Hiding After that, Leon and his family knew they had to hide. So, while all the Jews were moving out, Leon, his mother, and their next-door neighbor and son devised a plan. To hide. So they found a cellar to hide in for two or three days straight. Without food or even water. After the hiding though, Leon knew they wouldnt get by that easily. Only about 1,098 Jews were on Schindlers list in the camp. When it was time for them to leave for work, the family moved into an even smaller apartment shared with even more people. Schindlers list Work to DIE forOnce they started working for Schindler, it wasnt all fun and games. It was very hard work and everyone only get one meal a day, disgusting soup. And often enough, Leon had to sneak out and find food in the trash cans, and around the ground. But, since the kitchen workers were Jews as well and while Leon got to know them, when it came to lunch time, Leon always got a little extra food. During work though, Leon and along with everyone else never knew what would happen. Sometimes, a German man named Amon Goeth (who is the boss of Schindler and has complete control of the business) came in and kept a close eyes on the Jews. But the worst part was that he could do anything he wanted, even if that meant killing the Jews, just for fun and game. And nobody dared to stop him. Once, Amon came when Leon was doing work with the snow, he came and made his men take all if the Jews and hit them with leather whips. As the whips came, the Jews were made to call out the number of whips , and if they didnt the whips started over again from one to 25. Although I was numb from the cold, the pain seared through me each time, like being branded by a poker. Leon said putting in his opinion. Whenever he went to Leons working space, Leon got all stiff and scared, especially because he saw Goeth come in one day and take a couple of Jews out with a gun, and those two Jews had no idea he was there. He seemed to thrive on inflicting agony on on the helpless. Leon wrote. But, there was one sort of encouraging thing, whenever Schindler came in, he went up to Leon and talked with him. (considering Leon was one of the youngest Jews on his list) While Leon stood on his little wooden box to give him a boost, they talked for a while. Yet, with all the hard labor work, it didnt make it the tiniest bit easier for Leon.At night, Leon and his family were separated and couldnt sleep in the same place. So, a couple times Leon snuck out to try and find his father and brother first. It took him awhile, but Leon was finally able to find them. But, Leon had to be really stealthy, because if Goeth ever found out or saw it, he wouldve killed Leon right away and not regret anything. He also tried to find his mother, with the same circumstances. I was so small and thin, and my hair was so shaggy, I could pass for a girl; I knew I would be severely punished if I were discovered. Leon wrote when he tried sneaking into the womens bunker to try and find his mom. While the war was coming to an end, Leon always keep the thought in his head that he was going to be killed by the very last bullet in the war. And that thought stuck in his mind throughout the whole holocaust. But that wasnt the case because Leon survived to tell the story.Leon changed his name from Leib Lezjon to Leon when he came to America, but on Schindlers list, he was known as Leib Lezjon, with the rest of the Lezjons. Free at last!When the war finally ended, Leon, his mom, dad, brother and sister then traveled to America for a brighter future. Leon was still young then so he still went to school. Leon then graduated with a teachers license and taught high school kids. Eventually Leon got married, had kids, became an uncle, and soon a grandfather.When Leons family first made it to America, Leon tried to tell his experiences during the holocaust, but nobody would ever listen. So he keep his experi ence to himself. But, after a slight interview with the newspaper, everyone soon knew Leons story and wanted him to show up to events for speeches, and people even wanted autographs. And one fun fact was that whenever Leon gave his speeches, he never read off a script, it was all improvised.

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Society in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 586 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/04/10 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Fahrenheit 451 Essay Ray Bradbury Essay Did you like this example? Ray Bradbury has predicted the future through his stories, especially Fahrenheit 451. I believe Ray Bradbury was trying to send a message in this book. The theme that Bradbury was trying to use through Fahrenheit 451 is that our society needs freedom and knowledge. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Society in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury" essay for you Create order The society in this book is like the society we are in today. The first way that Bradbury showed this theme was using characters as a way to show different lives. For example, Clarisse was the representation of a life with feelings and purpose. Bradbury made her a curious and brave girl. Clarisse was hit by a car and killed, by a group of kids. When Clarisse was killed it represented the bad part of society, and how careless some people are about life. To show how Clarisse is, he used very fine details to show how unique of a person she was. Another example of Bradbury showing this theme through the characters would be Montags wife, Millie, and her dull life. Montag asks Millie this after Clarisse brought light to him. When Montag showed her the collection of books he has took through the years, her reaction right away was to throw them in the incinerator. Millies personality represented most of the people in Fahrenheit 451s society. Bradbury contrasted these two important people in Montags life to show different lifestyles. The next way that Ray Bradbury showed this theme of a life living with freedom and knowledge, was how Montag survived the fall of his city because of his love for the books. The books represented the truth and freedom they deserved. The story was based off of societys fear of knowledge. Bradbury used this to send out the message to go against that fear and to live the way it should be lived, even if you have to go against all the beliefs there was then. As shown through the book, the city had no idea of what was going on with the war. When asked about the war the information they have is limited. They dont even care enough to try and get more information. The reason of not knowing, is why they were led to their deaths. Montages interest in books and knowledge is what saved him. That is what I think Bradbury was trying to get across, by destroying the city. The entire town burned to ash because of war. The final way that Ray Bradbury showed this theme was the way he had Montag meet Granger. Bradbury wanted to get across the fact that they can restart. Instead of waiting for the world to perish with no meaning, they could do something about it. Granger also told stories about his grandfather. Grangers grandpa could explain why Montag felt so empty. He doesnt want anyone to make the same mistakes of Montag and this society, like we could easily. This is Bradbury showing the theme in a different way, but of the same nature. It is definitely a message that still needs to be shown in todays society. As seen, Ray Bradburys book was more than just a dystopian book. It was the uprising of a controlled society. There are countries and cultures where this book is an actual reality, and destroying books is the law. In the countries where we are are allowed to have book s and our knowledge isnt restricted, we take all of it for granted. There was no interest. Bradbury wrote things in his stories, that showed warnings that are clearly in our society today.

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SOME SUCCESS STORIES IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Adriano O. Solis, Ph.D. Academic Advisor, NAPM El Paso Wal-Mart Stores Perhaps one of the most commonly cited success stories in supply chain management (SCM) is that of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., which reported total sales of $191.329 billion and a net income of $6.295 billion during the fiscal year ended January 31, 2001 (see These figures represent a 15.9% growth in total sales and a 17.1% increase in net income over the immediately preceding fiscal year. International sales accounted for $32 billion of the total sales figure, increasing 41% over the previous year. Wal-Mart, which opened its first store in Arkansas in 1962, has retail stores in all 50†¦show more content†¦Under such a system, the vendor—subject to bounds previously agreed upon with the retailer—decides on the appropriate levels of inventory to carry at the retail stores, as well as the corresponding inventory policies to maintain such levels. In the PG and Wal-Mart partnership, PG committed to the development of a dedicat ed team to handle the Wal-Mart account. A primary objective of this team is to facilitate information-sharing between the two firms and address logistics, supply, management information systems, accounting, finance, and other issues (Handfield and Nichols, 1999). Under this arrangement, Wal-Mart shares point-of-sale information from retail outlets directly with PG, giving the latter easy access to information on consumer transactions and buying patterns. PG’s dedicated Wal-Mart account team effectively takes responsibility for the marketing and sales of PG products within Wal-Mart stores. Similar VMI partnerships with other giant retailers have been established by PG. These partnerships have dramatically improved PG’s on-time deliveries to Wal-Mart and the other retailers while increasing inventory turnovers (Simchi-Levi, et al, 2000; Handfield and Nichols, 1999). At the same time, they save the retailer a significant amount of managerial and other resources, and demonstrate how information sharing leads to mutual advantage for bothShow MoreRelatedBest Practices in Inventory Management84369 Words   |  338 Pages Best Practice in Inventory Management This Page Intentionally Left Blank Best Practice in Inventory Management Second edition Tony Wild OXFORD AMSTERDAM BOSTON LONDON NEW YORK PARIS SAN DIEGO SAN FRANCISCO SINGAPORE SYDNEY TOKYO Butterworth-Heinemann An imprint of Elsevier Science Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 8DP 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801-2041 First published by John Wiley Sons 1997 Second edition published by Elsevier Science Ltd 2002 Copyright  © 2002, ElsevierRead MoreCase Study20441 Words   |  82 PagesScience Title â€Å"SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT† Graduation Project Course: PRODACTION SYSTEM CONTROL Skopje - July, 2011 1 Faculty of Technical Science Title â€Å"SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT† Graduation Project Course: PRODACTION SYSTEM CONTROL Mentor: Prof. (Tarik CAKAR) Performed by: Enis SELAM, Student ID No.08/09.20 Skopje, July, 2011 2 BRIEF CONTENTS Preface xiii Part I -- Building a Strategic Framework to Analyze Supply Chains Chapter 1 UnderstandingRead MorePG and Walmart Collaboration5345 Words   |  22 PagesSupply-Chain Integration through Information Sharing: Channel Partnership between Wal-Mart and Procter Gamble Michael Grean Director, Information Technology Customer Business Development The Procter and Gamble Distributing Company, 655 East Millsap Road, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 Michael J. Shaw Department of Business Administration University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Champaign, IL 61820 Abstract This paper describes the development of channel partnership between a manufacturer (ProcterRead MoreGlobal Pharmaceutical Industry-Overview and Succes4454 Words   |  18 PagesGLOBAL P HARMACEUTICAL I NDUSTRY : O VERVIEW S UCCESS F ACTORS A closer look at the factors affecting growth and development ProText Knowledge Services Global Pharmaceutical Market: Overview 1. Indust ry Overview The pharmaceutical industry of the world develops and markets medicines prescribed for patients by medical practitioners. The U.S., U.K and European pharmaceutical companies are the major ones of the industry. The total number of major pharmaceutical companies (annual revenuesRead MoreGaps Model3894 Words   |  16 Pagesservices gap Management Perceptions of Customer Expectations Not Delivering To Service Designs And Standards Customer-Driven Service Designs and Standards Gap 3 †¢Deficiencies in human resource policies †¢Customers who do not fulfill roles †¢Problems with service intermediaries †¢ Failure to match supply and demand Service Delivery Not Matching Performance To Promises Service Delivery Gap 4 †¢Lack of integrated services marketing communications . †¢Ineffective management of customerRead MoreErp Sap Research Paper46896 Words   |  188 Pages Using MIS 21e  © 2009 Kr oenke, Experiencing MIS  © 2008 Laudon/Laudon, Management Information Systems 10le  © 2007 Laudon/Laudon, Essentials of Management Information Systems 81e  © 2009 Luftman et aI., Managing the IT Resource  © 2004 Malaga, Information Systems Technology  © 2005 McKeen/Smith, IT Strategy in Action  © 2009 McLeod/Schell, Management Information Systems 10le  © 2007 McNurlin/Spr ague, Information Systems Management In Practice 7Ie  © 2006 Miller, MIS Cases: Decision Making with ApplicationRead MorePositioning Strategies in Business Markets10635 Words   |  43 Pagesand degree of integration (i.e. location in the distribution chain), also play an important part. Finally, we offer support to the claim that, level of familiarity with a specific company is a contributing factor to percept ions of the pursued positioning strategies. Concept of positioning Introduction There is general agreement that the concept of positioning has become one of the fundamental components of modern marketing management (Kotler, 2000; Hooley et al., 1998). Its importance is furtherRead MoreYield Management Reading Packet9504 Words   |  39 PagesThe Basics of Yield Management Weld-management systems have boosted revenue at many properties, but these electronic tools are not always compatible with the operating atmosphere of a hotel. If you want to introduce yield management at your property, you may need to make some changes first by Sheryl E. Kimes YIELD MANAGEMENT is becoming part of the standard operating procedure for many hotels with sophisticated electronic property-management systems. Appropriately tailored to the hotels theyRead MoreValuation of Integrated Oil Gas Companies Msc Thesis33042 Words   |  133 PagesOil Gas Companies Irakli Menabde Valuation of Integrated Oil Gas Companies A comparative analysis of methodologies and empirical practices MSc Thesis MSc in International Business and Economics: Cand. Merc Finance and Strategic Management (FSM) Copenhagen Business School Date 09/10/2008 Author: Irakli Menabde MSc Thesis: Valuation of Integrated Oil Gas Companies Irakli Menabde Abstract The paper examines a number of empirically utilised and academically establishedRead MoreThe Impact of Agricultural Sector on Economic Growth in Nigeria18675 Words   |  75 Pageshave been positively impacted upon by several teachers, administrators and scholars, both in Nigeria and overseas. Whatever knowledge I have accumulated and use today has been given to me by others. I am not a ‘self-made man’. While I would mention some persons as a mark of my gratitude and appreciation, the list here cannot be exhaustive of all those who have in one way or the other contributed and still contribute to my research and academic career. I would like to pay tribute to Mr. S. Nwakwanogo

Chekhovs dramatic texts analysis Essay Example For Students

Chekhovs dramatic texts analysis Essay In Chekhovs dramatic texts, he buries many hidden meanings beneath the surface to give the play a deeper and more meaningful dimension. In this play, The Three Sisters, we strongly encounter the theme of isolation and separation various times, and uncover, with this theme, the possible importance of the first line. Father died a year ago. This day exactly. Your saints day, Irina. We first get a sense of loneliness and solitude when we hear of the death of the father, at which point the audience automatically feels a little bit of grief towards the family. This is important. Chekhov, from the first line, already outlines one of the plays themes, and delivers it to the audience, hoping for a response and understanding. Throughout the play, Chekhov continuously pushes and expands the theme, even though discretely. The whole set is quite isolated. The Prozorov household is now in a more desolate location, which re-enforces Chekhovs idea about solitude. The family no longer lives in Moscow, the enormous Moscow, which they consider home. The sisters themselves could say that they are isolated from the local community- Only three surrounded by a flood of ignorance. This is a clear distinction between the intellectual level of the three sisters, and the rest of the society. The education that they received, being the generals daughters, would certainly be better and much more advanced than any common man or woman on the street at that time. The dramatist here relates back to the first line in two ways: firstly he re-enforces the fact that they are not accompanied by anyone, and secondly by introducing the importance of the father in the development of the story. There are however some which could accompany the sisters intellectually. The military. They receive basic school instruction, and so could be seen as educated as well. The problem her is that the army is always on the move, and never stays long in the same place, and cannot, therefore be depended on by the sisters. The army would be the only possible group that the Prozorov family could relate to on an educational level, and seeing that they are constantly away, again leaves the sisters to be isolated. The mention of the father in the first line is of great importance. This because, as we read on in the play, we hear of the father many times, and can also link most of the characters to the three sisters by General Prozorov. Any one in the military knew the late General, and can therefore connect and is a link between family members and the army. Father Prozorov is also the essential link to the city of Moscow. It was he who lived there with them there and it was he who taught them there. This is also why they feel so connected to Moscow, and why they feel so at home there. In Moscowà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦nobody knows youà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦but yet you belong. The sisters believe that they are more like Moscow civilians, and in the first line, by mentioning the General, the playwright wishes to enforce the necessity of the father in their lives. Another theme which is recognized in the play is perhaps insecurity. The first line can also transmit this to the audience. Father died a year ago. When this line is delivered, the audience right away senses fragility amongst the characters. During speeches in the play, Chekhov frequently uses stage directions, namely tears to show how insecure the sisters are, and the how much they need the support that they no longer have. .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 , .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .postImageUrl , .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 , .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65:hover , .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65:visited , .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65:active { border:0!important; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65:active , .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65 .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u007803787323e309e0e7659a8ecb3b65:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: ompare and contrast the role of two minor characters from two different plays EssayEssentially the first line explains, uncovers, and connects points in the story. Chekhov ingeniously disguises it as a less meaningful, but still powerful line, and then continues to develop the hidden meanings during the play. The mention of the father perhaps also has a symbolic value, as he would be the mentor of the family, and someone that the sisters could possibly feel secure about. Without him though, the three sisters would perhaps go astray, and find themselves lonely, isolated from anyone else.